Science and Technology Writings

Science itself is a complex subject. Based on Miller’s ideas, it is clear that he believes only scientists should write about scientific things. Although this makes sense, I strongly disagree. Fimmle’s piece was difficult to understand because it was directed towards an audience of other scientists. It was not written for just anyone to understand. Shapin and Shaffer’s and Bryson’s writings were much easier to understand because they weren’t experts on the subjects that they wrote about. Scientific and Technological writings need to be accurate, but don’t necessarily need to by dry and confusing. It is acceptable for scientists to write about scientific things when they are communicating with each other. For the general public I believe that scientific writings should be written in the way that Bryson writes. It should be easy to follow and explain concepts, but should also have sources from scientists, or be edited by scientists to ensure that the information is correct.

I should be writing in the same way that Bryson does because I am not an expert in a scientific field. I also would not be writing for an audience of scientists where I would need to write like Fimmle. As of now, writing like Bryson for everyday people is acceptable because I am not a scientist, but I would like to be able to write like Shapin and Shaffer at one point. They did not write as extensively about science as Fimmel, but still had more facts and knowledge than Bryson. Anyone can read Bryson’s writings, but we need to be able to advance, and after understanding the basic concepts of the subject, we need to be able to understand works like Shapin and Shaffer’s and eventually even Fimmle’s writings.


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