The Nerdy Writings that All People Enjoy

As the science and technology develop and change every second, there are many essays and books that carries about science and technology. Like Miller said, “scientists seeing an opportunity to produce the more expansive book they’ve always wanted to write about their field or about science more generally,” scientist and authors write and publish science and technology books to inform new discoveries or verify the theories or concepts they
have worked on.  In my opinion, the writing about science and technology concern about both audience and purpose very well. For some writings, such as research paper, authors more focus on the purpose, result, and their thoughts. However, there are many writings that more focus on audience and instruction such as textbooks and children books. Also, both types of science and technology writings fulfill their purpose; verifying the new discovery or informing and teaching people. In addition, for audience, authors use data, graphs, observations, etc. to convince readers.

However, even though there are many writings about science and technology for “audience” while fulfilling the purpose, What about textbooks in science field? I understand that students need to learn vocabularies, scientific terms and information to work in specific science or technology area. However, what about high school students who are taking AP or college students who take science classes generally? What if they get so bored while they read textbooks and do not want to study those and change their future dream? Are those books for audience?  Do those books reach their purposes, teaching people? Like some teachers use YouTube videos or some cool materials to make students interested in science topics or studies, textbooks can give something funny and reality examples or pictures so students can understand easily and also learn the new materials. Authors of scientific and technological writings put a lot of effort to publish their books and inform their knowledge to people. The development of science and technology is in progress because of their passion and efforts. It is important that people should have some specific knowledge to understand those writings. However, to fulfill the purpose of informing, authors can try different methods to convey their purposes to readers and all readers enjoy and get new ideas from those.


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